Here are a few ideas for fundraising ideas to help raise money for your chapters


SkillsUSA Chocolate

Bakers Candies offers a 5oz gift box of gourmet chocolate designed in official cooperation with Skills USA for the purpose of chapter fundraising.  The program works like this:

The boxes are available to you for (roughly $3.00/each delivered).  They generally sell  for $5.50.  When you order your chocolates we will send them with a bill, net 30 days, which allows your chapter to sell the candy before you have to pay for it.  Upon completion of your fundraiser we can credit your account with a full refund on any returned chocolates (minus shipping cost) essentially guaranteeing your fundraiser's success.  If you are interested in moving forward with a fundraiser just let us know and we will get you set up with an account. 

Bakers Candies is committed to the youth of this country and to do our part in ensuring a skilled-workforce for the future of business and industry here in the United States.  For this reason we are proud to partner with Skills USA in this endeavor.

Todd K. Baker
Bakers Candies Inc.(1999-2000-2001 Nebraska Skills USA President)

Candies need to be kept cool.  Does not work well to ship them in warm weather.

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MinnTex is a fruit, Meet, and cheese fundraiser.   Northeast Technical High School in Watetown uses this fundraiser and sells the holiday boxes.  They sell the fruit October - early November with the fruit being delivered mid December.  Northeast Technical ask each student member to sell a minimum of 20 items. Student delivery of these items can be a little more difficult in the cold months as students can not let the fruit freeze if they leave it in the cars.

Butter Braids

Butter Braids offer several different types of  pastries  options and flavors.  Northeast Technical High school does this fund raiser concurrently with the MinnTex fundraisers.  The Butter Braids are great to do during the winter as they need to be kept frozen until used.


Country Meats

General info, questions,  or to place an order - (800) 277-8989

You make 45% profit on each snack stick that you buy for $.55 and sell for $1! For every case you sell you make $65 profit!
1 case = $65 profit • 5 cases = $325 profit
12 cases = $780 profit • 20 cases = $1,300 profit

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If you have any other great fundraising ideas please share them with me and I will post them so others can try them out.