What is it?

Students and advisers from across South Dakota meet for a day and a half conference.  At this conference students will learn more about leadership within the SkillsUSA organization, Tour a local business, Receive training and practice and elect the state officer team. Advisers will interview interested candidates and help with the final selection for the officer team.  Students may run for an office position of their choice. The officers positions will be filled by election. The voting delegation is made up of the candidate's peers. Two voting delegates from each high school chapter, and four voting delegates from each technical institute that is in attendance.  All chapters in the state are invited to participate.

What qualifies me to participate in the conference?
commit to being a SkillsUSA member and pay the individual membership dues.  Most events are open to any registered and due paying members.  Even if the event indicates a specific group like state officers

at minimum one adviser from each chapter who has students involved should be in attendance and should be registered as a professional member of SkillsUSA.

What if I do not want to be an officer?
You can still attend and participate in the Fall Leadership Conference.  You would serve as a delegate for your chapter as well as receive the available training.

What Are The Benefits of Being a State Officer?

There are many Benefits that come to those who volunteer and commit to being a state officer for the school year.  Attending several conferences that will boost your leadership abilities, improve your soft skills or employability skills, as well as let you network with other future industry leaders.

When and where is the Fall Leadership Conference?
 Conference dates  September 26 - 27,  2017

Deadline to register is: 

                           ​September 22

What is the conference schedule?
Click here to view tentative agenda

What is the cost to attend this conference?
Membership Dues Paid - via the registration site
Registration/Conference Fees: $35 for students and advisers         ​

Required Paperwork?
Officer Candidate Application Packet  Up Dated as of 8/17/2017
State Officer 2017 -2018 Application Packet -
Click here

Permission Form - for Advisers to take students from school
- Click Here

Register all participants online including advisers at

Fall Leadership Conference

Need help with Registration?

Call Toll Free Hotline:    8am - 5pm EST